Tune In: We're Liveblogging the 2012 Golden Globe Awards!

Tune In: We're Liveblogging the 2012 Golden Globe Awards!

Jan 15, 2012

If you already planned on watching tonight's Golden Globe Awards, then why not watch the show with us? We'll be liveblogging this year's awards show as soon as the program begins, offering up comically-laced insight not found anywhere else online. Our liveblogger for the evening will be Joe Piccirillo, who you may know from our ultra-popular Fiction vs. Reality column, seen here every Tuesday. Joe will be blogging the hell out of the Globes all night long, and it'll definitely be worth your time to stop by for a little while (just bring Joe a beer or two when you arrive -- he'll probably need it).

At the same time Joe is liveblogging, we'll also be updating the winners list in real time both within the live blog and inside a separate post. So definitely stop by -- pajamas and tequila are optional -- and we'll see ya'll later tonight at 8pm EST!

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