Rumor Talk: Will the New Godzilla be a Man-in-Suit That Looks Like This?

Rumor Talk: Will the New Godzilla be a Man-in-Suit That Looks Like This?

Oct 05, 2011

Godzilla Remake DesignWhen it was announced over a year ago that Legendary Pictures wanted to remake Godzilla, the first question that invariably popped into everyone's mind was a simple, "What will Godzilla look like?"  After all, the last attempt to Americanize this deeply Japanese film icon resulted in a universally disliked piece of lumbering CGI that basically looked like an iguana hit by the laser in Honey, I Blew Up the Kids.  Would this new Godzilla harken back to the design popularized in dozens upon dozens of Toho pictures?  

Well, if the site [via Blastr] is to be believed, this new, Gareth Edwards-directed Godzilla will look far closer to the original Toho creation.  In (unconfirmed) fact, it'll basically look like the sculpture you see to your right, which was created years ago by an artist named Hector A. Arce.  Arce is now reportedly part of the pre-production design team at Legendary, and so rumor has it that Edwards and company will be sticking closely to the sculpture that got him the job in the first place.

Rumor from InfamousKidd's unidentified source also has it that this bipedal lizard behemoth will be created man-in-suit style, meaning Edwards will be taking a cue from the golden age of kaiju films and creating an elaborate rubber suit someone can act in in front of a camera, while a team of puppeteers off screen operate the head using animatronics.  But as amusing of an idea that is, it's very hard to believe that Legendary Pictures would make a Godzilla movie in 2011 using roughly the same techniques first used over 60 years ago.  

Perhaps at one time they entertained the idea of doing a man-in-suit in front of a green screen, but they'd be crazy to go that route when they have so many advanced digital tools at their disposal.  Performance capture?  Absolutely, especially after the overwhelming response the mo-cap work in Rise of the Planet of the Apes justifiably received this summer.  It's hard to buy that a studio like Legendary Pictures, who have been responsible for heavily-digital blockbusters for years, would opt for a rubber suit (no matter how much they touch it up in post) over an all-digital creation.

But until someone at Legendary steps forward or someone at InfamousKidd proves the veracity of their source, this is all just speculation, anyway.  But since we are speculating, what would interest you more about a Godzilla remake?  A man-in-a-suit or motion capture?  Do you even care as long as the design is basically anything but the one used in Roland Emmerich's film?

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