Movie News: 'Godzilla' Release Date; 'Ted' and 'Bourne' Will Get Sequels; 'The Details' Trailer

Movie News: 'Godzilla' Release Date; 'Ted' and 'Bourne' Will Get Sequels; 'The Details' Trailer

Sep 14, 2012


Godzilla: The upcoming new version of Godzilla has landed a prime spot on the release calendar: May 16, 2014. Gareth Edwards, who made the ethereal yet gritty post-alien invasion flick Monsters, is set to direct the project, which will “return the character to its epic roots with a gritty, realistic actioner.” (The film is “expected” to be presented in 3D, which makes us wonder if it will be shot in 2D and then post-converted to 3D. We shall see. [Collider]  

Ted and Bourne Sequels: After weeks of speculation, sequels have been confirmed for both the raunchy comedy Ted and action thriller The Bourne Legacy. Universal Pictures plans to double down on franchises and animated films, ramping up production on the latter from one every 18 months to two every calendar year. No details on the planned Ted and Bourne sequels were released. [The Hollywood Reporter]

In the Garden of Beasts: The Academy Award-winning director of The Artist is in talks to helm a project about America’s first Ambassador to Hitler’s Germany. If things work out, Michel Hazanavicius would direct Tom Hanks in the role, based on In the Garden of Beasts, a nonfiction book by Erik Larson, and focusing on the period “before the Nazis began to assert an iron grip across Europe.” Natalie Portman has been mentioned to play Hanks’ daughter. [Deadline]

The Details Trailer: Well, this is odd. An unofficial trailer for The Details, cut by director Jacob Aaron Estes, reveals a bizarre yet entrancing world, in which Tobey Maguire commits adultery, Laura Linney and Ray Liotta scream at him, and Elizabeth Banks and an assortment of raccoons make themselves known. The dark comedy is due out this fall. [The Film Stage]

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