First 'Godzilla' Studio Poster Gives a Sense of Scale for the Massive Monster

First 'Godzilla' Studio Poster Gives a Sense of Scale for the Massive Monster

Jul 18, 2013

Gareth Edward's remake of Godzilla has been teasing fans for over a year now, but only until very, very recently did we get an actual, 100% representational look at the monster at the heart of it all.

At last year's Comic-Con everyone was blindsided when Legendary showed fans a teaser for a new Godzilla movie. That footage, however, was just a "tone piece." It contained no footage or scenes from the actual film, just an overall sense of how Edwards' film was going to take a more realistic approach to the mythic monster.

Earlier this week we get a glimpse of a new poster for the film, and it actually kind of pissed off a few people. Not because it was a radical redesign of Godzilla, but because the poster - an image of a reptile shaped out of the wreckage of a skyscraper - evoked too much of a 9/11 connection for some people. What most didn't realize, though, is that destruction-filled poster was actually a Mondo release. Yes, it was officially licensed, but it was just an artistic interpretation and wasn't meant to respect any singular aspect of the movie.

This poster, though... this poster does. 

What you see below you is the first real, studio-released poster for 2014's Godzilla, and it's pretty damned incredible. The sense of scale in this single image is just staggering. To put things in perspective, keep in mind that helicopters were used to airlift the Jaegers into combat in Pacific Rim. Those Jaegers, however, would barely come up to Godzilla's chest given the scale here. It's going to be utterly massive.

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