Early 'Godzilla' Concept Art Reveals Crazy Monster Battle on Top of Alcatraz

Early 'Godzilla' Concept Art Reveals Crazy Monster Battle on Top of Alcatraz

May 20, 2014

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It's amazing how fast some of these giant effects-driven movies come together these days, from start of production to the time they arrive in theaters. The Avengers: Age of Ultron began production like a month or so ago, and it hits theaters in less than a year!  Yet while production schedules are tightening as audiences demand a constant rotation of "event" movies, some others are taking their time to get it just right. Gareth Edwards' Godzilla is one of those movies.

A new version of Godzilla has been in the works as far back as 2004, when plans were in place to make a 3D Godzilla short for IMAX theaters. Eventually the concept evolved into a feature-length movie, and in 2010 Legendary Pictures officially acquired the rights, waiting till 2011 to announce Gareth Edwards as director. That was three years ago, and one can only imagine how many versions of this movie folks behind the scenes have gone through.

Thanks to these two new pieces of gorgeous early keyframe art from Frank Hong, we do know that one version of Godzilla had the beast firing blue lightning out of his mouth (altered to blue atomic breath in the finished version), and there was even an entirely different kaiju battling Godzilla, too, as seen in the below piece featuring a monster throwdown on top of Alcatraz. 

Hong mentions this art comes from a version of Godzilla that he worked on two to three years ago, back when Guy Hendrix Dyas (Inception) was the production designer. May have even been before Edwards came on board.


Is that an updated version of Anguirus? Also: can we please see this gnarly fight in the sequel?

[hat tip to Godzilla guru Evan Saathoff for the Anguirus mention and GeekTyrant for the images]

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