Watch: The Amazing 'Godzilla' Comic-Con Teaser Trailer Is Now Online

Watch: The Amazing 'Godzilla' Comic-Con Teaser Trailer Is Now Online

Oct 04, 2013

Update: The original video was taken down, as was its replacement. Looks like WB is trying to keep a lid on this one. Sorry, hope you saw it while it lasted.


If you'll recall from Comic-Con 2012, Warner Bros. managed to stun the hundreds and hundreds of fans crowded into Hall H with a surprise teaser trailer for its new Godzilla movie. At that point, pretty much all that was official was news Gareth Edwards (Monsters) would be directing, so it was very surprising to everyone that not only was Warner Bros. talking about it at Comic-Con, but that there was footage from the movie to show off.

Of course, as we now know that trailer was a "mood piece," a contained experiment the studio created with the sole intention to let Edwards show off the kind of tone he'd be going for with the movie. It was said to contain nothing that would actually be in the final trailer. So please, keep that in mind when you watch the below "trailer" for Godzilla. This is just the presentation from Comic-Con. It may not be the exact trailer (Erik Davis, who was there the first time, couldn't recall if anything had been added or not), but it certainly doesn't contain anything featuring Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston or any other known cast members.

Oh, and you may want to watch this as soon as possible. It appeared on YouTube as "Fatman Trailer," a reference to the code name of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki Japan, and if it is indeed not an official release, you can expect it to be taken down before too long.




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