Play This: A Monopoly Game Based on 'The Godfather'

Play This: A Monopoly Game Based on 'The Godfather'

Jun 14, 2012

Paramount and Hasbro want to make you an offer you can't refuse. According to Deadline, the companies are issuing a collector's edition of the popular board game Monopoly inspired by The Godfather. The release is in conjunction with the film's 40th anniversary and allows you play as the Don of a New York crime family. As Deadline explains it:

"Expand your family’s interests by amassing property and influence as you seek to bankrupt those around you. Buy, sell and trade the likes of Woltz International Pictures, Moe Green’s Casino, Joe’s Diner and Hyman Roth’s Home as you muscle your way to an empire. Make them an offer they can’t refuse as you vie for the Corleone Long Island Home and Corleone Lake Tahoe Estate (the prime properties traditionally occupied by Boardwalk and Park Place)."
The best part is that you can actually play as the horse head that poor Jack Woltz (John Marley) found in his bed. A cannoli, a Genco Olive Oil tin, the Don’s limo, a dead fish, and a tommy gun make up the other game tokens. Monopoly's traditional "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards have been replaced with the more ominous "Friends" and "Enemies." You can kidnap your fellow players and stash them in one of the games hideouts or compounds, which have replaced the crayola-colored houses the game is known for.
In other words, The Godfather version of Monopoly sounds pretty damn great, and we can't wait to make our opponents swim with the fishes! Take a peek inside the box in the video below, where the game's design is fully detailed. Invite us to board game night in the comments below. 

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