'Saw' Scribes Breathe New Life Into Kratos for a 'God of War' Movie

'Saw' Scribes Breathe New Life Into Kratos for a 'God of War' Movie

Jul 11, 2012

Sure, why not turn this week's video games getting turned into movies news into a hat trick. First Assassin's Creed, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and now God of War.

As with Assassin's Creed, a movie adaptation of the game series - which is by far the most popular of the three titles in the news this week - has been brewing for a while now, but it was never able to boil over into a greenlit film. Perhaps it will now that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been hired to write a new script based on the Playstation's bloodsoaked franchise.

Melton and Dunstan are best known for their contributions to the horror genre, having written all of the Feast films and most of the Saw sequels, but it's likely their most recent work on Guillermo del Toro's giant robots versus giant monsters movie Pacific Rim that won them the gig. Atlas Entertainment (Zack Snyder's Man of Steel) are producing the film, which Universal is bankrolling. 

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, but unfortunately at this point there's no word on what storyline from the games, of which there are currently three core console games and a few portable titles, the pair will be drawing from. Our guess is they'll stick with the first God of War, which found series star Kratos, a wronged warrior secretly out for revenge against the Gods, tasked with finding Pandora's Box. It doesn't much matter what specific title they draw from, though, because all of the games reduce down to the same thing: Kratos killing wave after wave after wave of mythological beasties ranging in size from small to Holy Zeus, What the Hell is That is That Huge Thing?

And speaking of Pacific Rim, a new image from the film was released over at USA Today. It's the weakest of the stills released so far, though, so we'll turn to the poster for a bit of a reminder as to why two of that film's writers might be a good match for a movie about a human (relatively speaking) man taking down giants.

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