The Nerd Who Made Out with Bar Refaeli in That Super Bowl Ad Is the World's Greatest Extra

The Nerd Who Made Out with Bar Refaeli in That Super Bowl Ad Is the World's Greatest Extra

Feb 04, 2013

So you're watching the Super Bowl yesterday, combing through TV spots that were fun, dorky, sexy and explosive, when all of a sudden you get to this year's Go Daddy spot and it features the overwhelmingly beautiful supermodel Bar Refaeli (former girlfriend to Leonardo DiCaprio and last year's hottest woman of the year according to Maxim) making out (and we're talking the hard-core slurp-filled making out) with some dorky uber nerd sporting flushed red cheeks and a dopey look on his face. The ad disgusted many, moreso because of the lingering sound effects, and it quickly filled numerous best of -- and worst of -- Super Bowl TV commercial lists.

Watch the spot below ...

What you may not know, however, is that you've seen this geek countless times before in a number of movies and TV shows, only he may have been hard to spot. His name is Jesse Heiman, and he's been deemed the "World's Greatest Extra" because of the countless times he's appeared in the background during TV shows (like Parks and Rec, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Monk, Heroes) and movies (American Pie 2, Old School, 17 Again, Van Wilder). 

Heiman spoke to the Today show about the spot, admitting that it took upwards of 45 takes (!) to get the kiss right. "It's kind of beyond my wildest expectations; it's beyond anything I could have imagined," he said. What's amusing is Refaeli claimed the kiss was a dream come true for her too, telling Today, "It’s a funny thing because I have this very strange dream. I always wanted to go to a club filled with people, look around and choose the most unlikely guy that I will ever kiss or pay attention to and kiss him in front of everyone so he will be very happy. For me it was making my dream come true."

Seems like these two actually deserved each other. For more on the amazing exploits of Jesse Heiman, you can follow him on Twitter where he claims he is single. Go get him ladies!


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