Watch: How Some of 'Evil Dead''s Craziest Scenes Were Created

Watch: How Some of 'Evil Dead''s Craziest Scenes Were Created

Apr 08, 2013

Evil Dead Jane Levy

Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead reboot scared up some big business at the box office this weekend (earning $26 million, good enough for first place), and the filmmaker is already talking about ideas for a potential sequel. It may be a little soon to start thinking about what comes next, but it’s definitely not too early to take a peek at these two YouTube videos featuring B-roll footage from the making of the film. Just know this before you watch them –they contain SPOILERS. This is particularly true of the second one, which showcases the entire ending of the film.

If you’ve already seen Alvarez’s take on the Raimi classic, there’s a lot of cool behind-the-scenes shots in these clips. We get a glimpse at how several actresses went from fetching young ladies to demonic minions of Hell, lots of opportunities to see that shooting a horror movie is about as un-scary as can be, and a look at how the FX wizards who worked on the film created the elaborately gory practical effects on display.

Join us… in watching these two cool clips below. You’re guaranteed to come away with a new perspective when it comes to Evil Dead.

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