Glasses-free 3D TVs Debut Big in Japan

Glasses-free 3D TVs Debut Big in Japan

Dec 27, 2010

One thing people interested in 3D at home always ask is, "Why can't someone invent a set that doesn't require glasses?" Toshiba has provided a glimpse of the future now with two glasses-free 3D TVs available in Japan, but don't toss those 3D specs in the trash just yet. The tiny 12-inch REGZA model will set you back the equivalent of $1,430…and it doesn't even do HD. For 720p resolution—the lower end of the HD spectrum—you'll need the bigger 20-inch model, which will set you back a cool $2,870. While both sets demonstrate that a glasses-free 3D future is possible at home, neither is big enough—or affordable enough—to facilitate a Blu-ray 3D viewing for more than a party of few.

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