Gladiator Hulk, A Wandering Superman, And More Stuff You Might Have Missed From Comic-Con Day 3

Gladiator Hulk, A Wandering Superman, And More Stuff You Might Have Missed From Comic-Con Day 3

Jul 24, 2016

Saturday is typically the day for all of the major movie studios at Comic-Con International to unveil their most-anticipated upcoming projects, and that trend continued this year with a pretty long list of projects and cast members being introduced, re-introduced, and otherwise hyped-up in a big way.

Both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures had big days in San Diego's famous Hall H event space, releasing the first footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Justice League, respectively, among other superhero-friendly films. But that wasn't the only cool news coming out of the convention, of course.

Here are some other things you might have missed amid all of the Marvel and WB superhero movie buzz:


Hulk Goes Gladiator With Thor: Ragnarok Props

We got a few more details about the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok during Marvel's Hall H panel, but the studio also revealed quite a bit about the film with some of the props it unveiled on the show floor. Fans got an up-close look at the gladiator armor Hulk will wear in the film, offering some confirmation that at least some of the movie's storyline will draw from the popular Planet Hulk comics storyline that had the green behemoth playing out his own version of the Spartacus story on a far-off planet.


Gladiator #Hulk Armor from #Thor Ragnarok now on the #MarvelSDCC stage! #SDCC #Marvel

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Star Trek Gets A Classic / Kelvin Crossover in Comics

Star Trek Beyond and the newly titled Star Trek: Discovery television series aren't the only big projects happening in the Star Trek universe these days, as there's a fan-friendly crossover also taking place in comics. During the “Star Trek Comics” panel, IDW Publishing shared some details about its “Altered Encounters” storyline, which has the crews of the classic Star Trek series and movies switching places with the crew from the rebooted (a.k.a. Kelvin) timeline. The first issue of the two-part story hit shelves right before the convention, and the second arrives next month. After that story wraps up, the series will begin telling stories set after the events of Star Trek Beyond.


The X-Men Spinoff Legion Looks All Kinds Of Crazy

Marvel's annual “Cup o' Joe” panel served up the first look at Legion, the upcoming television series that's a joint production of Marvel Television and FX Productions and follows a character with some pretty significant ties to the X-Men universe – in the comics, at least. The series casts Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens as David Haller, a powerful, telepathic mutant who's the son of Charles Xavier in the comics but may or may not be so in the television series. (The studios are playing coy about the show's relationship – if any at all – to the X-Men or Marvel movies.) No matter what the connection is, the first trailer for the eight-episode first season (which debuts in 2017) is pretty darn trippy.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 Lands at Netflix

The celebrated comedy series that skewers low-budget genre movies is coming back, and it's headed to Netflix. The streaming service announced during Comic-Con that it acquired the rights to a new season of MST3K that brings back much of the series' original cast and creative team, as well as a few new additions (including Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day). Fans can expect to see more ridiculous jokes about even more ridiculous movies in the Kickstarter-funded return of the series, which doesn't have a premiere date yet.


Vulture Confirmed For Spider-Man: Homecoming, But Not Identified

We got our first look at Spider-Man: Homecoming during Marvel's aforementioned Hall H panel, and while some concept art revealed during the panel seemed to confirm that Vulture will indeed be a – if not the – villain in the film, Michael Keaton's name was conspicuously absent from any casting discussion that occurred. Let the speculation continue, Spidey fans!


Henry Cavill Walked The Show Floor, Surprised Will Smith

It's becoming a Comic-Con tradition for celebrities to don masks and walk the show floor, taking pictures with fans who don't realize they're posing with the actors who play some of their favorite heroes and villains. The latest star to do so is Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who posted a video of himself donning a Guy Fawkes mask (a la V for Vendetta) and wandering the show floor. He eventually makes his way to the Suicide Squad autograph line, taking a picture with Will Smith before revealing his true identity. Smith's reaction? Priceless.


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