Giveaway: Double Up on Joseph Gordon-Levitt with 'Premium Rush' and 'Looper' on Blu-ray

Giveaway: Double Up on Joseph Gordon-Levitt with 'Premium Rush' and 'Looper' on Blu-ray

Jan 01, 2013

The year 2012 was a great for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He was in that one movie with the man who thinks he's a bat and fights crime. And later he was also in a movie about an old president directed by some Spielberg guy. But neither of those bring us here today. That honor belongs to the movies he starred in between The Dark Knight Rises and Lincoln: Premium Rush (aka JGL's bike messenger thriller) and Looper (aka JGL's time travel insta-classic).

Both are now available on Blu-ray, but perhaps you've been too busy over the holidays to find time to go pick them up. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a complimentary high-definition copy of each. All you need to do is live in the U.S. and leave a comment (before 1/4/12) on this post proclaiming your love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Please do not post your address, we'll contact the winner directly to get that.

But wait, that's not all! Not only will you nab a pair of highly entertaining Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies on fancy Blu-ray, but we've also got a replica of JGL's watch from Looper to giveaway. Not a bad way to start the new year, right?

Good luck!

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