Horror and 'Girls in Their Undies' Are Alive and Well for 'Know Models Were Harmed' and a Cartoon Zombie Series

Horror and 'Girls in Their Undies' Are Alive and Well for 'Know Models Were Harmed' and a Cartoon Zombie Series

Sep 20, 2011

Massgrfx's Girls in Their Undies Vs. Zombies series is a fun little play on the age-old horror trend (or cliché) of girls in their underwear fighting for their lives. His images pit cartoon cuties bludgeoning and battling with gusto against flesh-munching freaks. And there's plenty of pretend red stuff in Massgrfx's pics, which is offset by the cheesecake quality about his heroines. If you find bunny slippers and blood totally adorable (and really, who doesn't?), check out the images below, then hit up deviantART for more of Massgrfx's work. [via: Geek Tyrant]
If you prefer your girls in their undies live and in 3-D, you might be interested in Know Models Were Harmed from first time filmmakers Steve Wolsh and Jackson Sicarii. The duo's title is a clever spin on the body count that will ultimately ensue in their new horror flick, the synopsis for which is being kept a big secret. "During filming we went to great extremes to keep the story and plot under wraps, shooting many scenes in sets closed to everyone but essential cast and crew, and despite the low budget we went so far as to even shoot extra scenes and two alternative endings that Jackson and I had no intention of ever using in the actual film," Wolsh revealed. "It’s actually kind of funny that three of the actresses in the movie couldn’t tell who it was that actually killed them in the movie because they really don’t know. They’re in the movie but will have to buy a ticket like everyone else to know who the killer is.”
Even though the plot is a mystery, Wolsh knew exactly what kind of film he wanted to make, "... We set out to make a darker and more intense slasher flick than had been made in recent years, without losing what makes horror fun, which in my mind is blood, guts, tits, and gore with the occasional comic relief." The dark and intense stuff remains to be seen, but it looks like Wolsh and Sicarii have accomplished the rest. Here's the trailer so you can see for yourself. [via: Dread Central]

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