Gibson Dropped by His Agency, Avatar Back With 8 More Minutes, User-Generated YouTube Doc, Farrell Won't Play Ozzy

Gibson Dropped by His Agency, Avatar Back With 8 More Minutes, User-Generated YouTube Doc, Farrell Won't Play Ozzy

Jul 07, 2010

  •  Big Mouth... Oh, Mel. After allegations of domestic abuse and recorded racial epithet-spewing tirades (beware the R-rated language), Gibson's agency, William Morris Endeavor (run by Ari Emmanuel, who wasn't fond of Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade a few years ago), announced Friday he's been dropped from their talent roster. Makes you wonder what that beaver's really saying.
  •  Avatar, Again Didn't get your fill of Avatar the first time around back in December? Go see it five more times this August when it comes back to theaters, this time with a whopping eight minutes added. You read that right, eight minutes.
  •  Inception Deception? As someone who's seen Inception already, and read the reviews on various websites, I can wholeheartedly say how much I appreciated David Poland's post on Movie City News from earlier this week.
  •  YouTube Yourself Ridley Scott will join forces with YouTube to produce the “first user-generated feature-length documentary” titled Life in a Day, compiling footage submitted by YouTube users around the world chronicling whatever fascinating things they’re doing on Saturday, July 24. I’d hate to be an editor on this project, having to wade through a gazillion “here’s my cat watching TV” videos and people auto-tuning the news.
  •  The 'Ho Will Go On Despite La Lohan’s 90-day jail sentence for probabation violation (which when commuted, good behavior, etc. will amount to what, 5 days served?), director Matthew Wilder insists this “sad chapter” is only a blip in the filming of his Linda Lovelace exploitation film biopic Inferno, giving an outsized statement to match what he called an “outsized sentence” in which he quotes Jesus from The Last Temptation of Christ. Now there’s a guy you want on your side.
  •  Speak of the Devil Perez Hilton had entertainment sites buzzing with a rumor that Colin Farrell signed on to play Ozzy Osbourne in his long-discussed biopic (wife Sharon has mentioned wanting Johnny Depp in the role; the Prince of Darkness himself prefers an unknown from his Birmingham hometown). Colin’s rep dispelled that rumor, but it could've been an intriguing notion.

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