This Kid's 'Ghostbusters' Costume Wins Halloween

This Kid's 'Ghostbusters' Costume Wins Halloween

Oct 30, 2013


Two-year-old Cooper will be the coolest kid on his block this Halloween. His mom, the same mum that made this sweet Back to the Future-inspired costume last year (see image below), has outfitted Coop in an adorable Ghostbusters outfit — complete with his very own Ectomobile. This is what happens when geeks have babies. 

The pint-size Ghostbuster’s getup is creative, but the car really completes the picture. Mom used LED lights, cardboard boxes and other random stuff to pimp Cooper’s Step2 push car. Did we mention the car has its own sound effects? Mom had a little help with this costume, which you can read about on her website, but for now check out these great photos of the collaborative project, and pine for your own felt Proton Pack and Ghost Trap. [Spotted via Fashionably Geek]





And here's his Back to the Future costume from last year...



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