'Ghostbusters' Gets the 'Room 237' Treatment in New Documentary 'Spook Central'

'Ghostbusters' Gets the 'Room 237' Treatment in New Documentary 'Spook Central'

Jun 10, 2013

The documentary Room 237 is an obsessive (and highly entertaining) tribute to the extreme ways different people can see the same movie. In that case, the subject is Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, a dense work from a meticulous filmmaker that's just begging to be analyzed. But what about something like Ghostbusters? Is that a movie that just screams "Figure me out!"? We'd have never thought so, but somebody else did, and that brings us to the first trailer for Spook Central.

In a similar vein to Room 237, Spook Central is a documentary that asks fans to explain their theories about the hidden meanings in Ivan Reitman's 1984 film about a team of nerds who use science to bust ghosts. What hidden meanings, you ask? We don't know. We thought it was a pretty straightforward genre mash-up, but apparently director Ivo Shandor found enough of them to turn it into a feature film.

Or maybe he's using a movie as apparently transparent as Ghostbusters to gently mock overly analytical movies like Room 237? Either way, you can check out for the Austrlian-made Spook Central below to get a hint of what's in store.

Thanks to Christopher Campbell for the heads up. Check out his post on Documentary Channel for more trailers for new docs.

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