You Have to See How Crazy Nicolas Cage Looks in These 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Deleted Scenes

You Have to See How Crazy Nicolas Cage Looks in These 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Deleted Scenes

Aug 24, 2012

No matter your feelings on this year's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the below 11-minute video of deleted scenes from the supernatural, antihero comic adaptation are worth watching for Nic Cage's crazy face alone.  Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor directed the story, which opens in a monastery featuring Idris Elba's priest Moreau. One of the cut scenes shows a tormented Johnny Blaze (Cage) turning into Ghost Rider while in a chapel. An onlooker shouts at him, "Demon!" In the movie, Moreau coaxes a reclusive Blaze out of hiding to help save a boy named Danny (Fergus Riordan). In exchange, Moreau promises Blaze he will restore his soul and remove the Rider curse once and for all.

The supernatural curse was inflicted upon Blaze by Roarke (Ciarán Hinds), aka big-daddy Satan himself. He's also featured in one of the deleted scenes, being totally creepy. The devil apparently doesn't like it when you mess with his car-rental contract, and he's sure to let the attendant know. If Ghost Rider had featured every scene with Hinds, it might have been a better movie.
Other cut footage shows Cage mugging crazy faces for the camera — while riding a motorcycle and shapeshifting into Ghost Rider, and without special effects, covered in makeup. His awesome light-up helmet thingy makes him look like he's ready for a rave or something. It's over-the-top fun, so check it out below, and share your thoughts — or laments — about the latest installment in the Marvel Comics' franchise.


[via Blastr]

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