Get Your Scare on with Trailers for 'The American Scream' and 'Cabin Fever: Patient Zero'

Get Your Scare on with Trailers for 'The American Scream' and 'Cabin Fever: Patient Zero'

Oct 09, 2012

Best Worst Movie filmmaker Michael Paul Stephenson has released his latest horror-centric documentary. The director's American Scream recently screened at Austin's Fantastic Fest to awesome reviews and snagged the Best Picture in the Doc Features category. It's currently making the rounds in select theaters, but will see its world TV premiere on station Chiller, October 28.
The film goes inside the macabre homes and minds of three Halloween-obsessed families. Every year, these homeowners transform their suburban abodes into a haunted wonderland — creating a spooky attraction that draws neighbors far and wide. The trailer, which we've shared with you below, details the depth and obsession these folks craft their creepy haunted houses with. As one man admits in the video, some people have their hobbies, but this is more than that. Get high on these homeowners' Halloween vibes in the clip, below.
If you're wondering what Sean Astin has been up to since he was a hobbit for Peter Jackson, the actor will be appearing in the upcoming Cabin Fever: Patient Zero directed by The ABCs of Death filmmaker Kaare Andrews. The prequel-style story fills in the background to Eli Roth's flesh-eating original feature, setting the skin-crawling tale in the Caribbean.
The deadly virus spreads throughout a cruise ship after it crashes into an abandoned scientific research boat. A mysterious stranger who seems to be unaffected appears on the scene, but it could be the ship's downfall. Faces. Will. Melt. This series left a bad taste in some people's mouths after the whole Ti West Cabin Fever 2 debacle, due to major studio interference and forced edits. West has since disowned the project. Perhaps Andrews can reignite our passion for shaving the skin right off of our legs. Watch the trailer, and let us know what you make of it. [via Moviehole]

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