See Kong Come to Life with This Amazing, 20-Foot-Tall Puppet in 'King Kong: The Musical'

See Kong Come to Life with This Amazing, 20-Foot-Tall Puppet in 'King Kong: The Musical'

Jun 20, 2013

King Kong the Musical puppet

King Kong: The Musical is set to take Australia by storm – and even though I’m not the biggest fan of stage musicals (or any musical that doesn’t star Bing Crosby and Bob Hope), I’d plunk down some serious cash to see it just to get a good look at the giant Kong they’ve constructed for the adaptation.

An Australian news program recently did a piece highlighting the massive puppet that stars in the adaptation of the 1933 film, and this thing is astounding. Standing six meters in height and weighing one ton, this king of the jungle requires 10 onstage handlers (and three off) to operate. Puppeteers responsible for bringing Kong to life go through a grueling 10-week training process, then get to experience the joy of operating this behemoth in front of a live audience.

King Kong: The Musical features music by Sarah MacLachlan (apparently she doesn’t spend her entire day making depressing commercials for the ASPCA after all) and is currently playing in Australia. Here’s to hoping it eventually comes Stateside. You can find out more about the show in this earlier article

Check out these video clips below to see Kong in action. If you happen to be heading to Melbourne, you can get tickets here.

[via io9]


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