Get a Peek at the Brandon Bird-Curated 'Jurassic Park' Art Show

Get a Peek at the Brandon Bird-Curated 'Jurassic Park' Art Show

Nov 30, 2011

The JP ShowDo you live in or around Los Angeles? If so, do you have weekend plans? If you do, prepare to break them because Brandon Bird and co-curator Julia Vickerman are presenting The JP Show (Just People) at Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. What's The JP Show? It's simple: An art show celebrating the most memorable part of Steven Spielberg's seminal 1993 blockbuster. No, not the pesky dinosaurs; the people that were running from them.

Below is just a sampling of the art that will be available for purchase at the event, but considering there are over two dozen artists participating, don't expect the final show to be so Jeff Goldblum heavy (though, to be fair, Ian Malcolm could power an art show all on his sweaty, lecherous own). 

Oh, and if you don't leave anywhere near the gallery, don't get too sad at the thought of never being able to see the collected JP Show works; all of the art will be made available online on Monday, December 5th.

Ian Malcolm Oil Painting

IAN MALCOLM: FROM CHAOS     by John Larriva     oil on panel     12" x 9"     2011


Jurassic Jeff

JURASSIC JEFF     by Lisa Hanawalt     watercolor     9" x 12"     2011


His Jurassic Past

HIS JURASSIC PAST     by Robyn Von Swank     photographs     11" x 17" and 24" x 36"     2011


Pete Postlethwair Man's Adventure Comics

MAN'S ADVENTURE     by Christopher Hastings     ink & digital color     11" x 17"     2011

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