Get a Look at the Creature in the Indie Horror 'Rites of Spring'

Get a Look at the Creature in the Indie Horror 'Rites of Spring'

Jul 17, 2012

Indie horror movies are a dime a dozen, but there's something particularly intriguing about Rites of Spring. Written and directed by Padraig Reynolds, it's a sort of genre mash-up starring AJ Bowen and Anessa Ramsey that starts out as a kidnapping movie and ends up a sort of creature feature. And no, that's not a spoiler. You know straight from the beginning that something isn't quite right in this world, but we'll let the official synopsis explain:

A group of kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy socialite and hide out in an abandoned school in the middle of the woods.  But feelings of guilt soon overtake the kidnappers, dividing the group and putting their entire plan in jeopardy.  The evening further spirals out of control when their poorly chosen hideout becomes a hunting ground for a mysterious creature that requires springtime ritualistic sacrifices. 

As for that mysterious creature, it just so happens that IFC Midnight, who is releasing the film in theaters and on VOD July 27, has given some teaser shots of the creature to share with our genre fans. Even better, we spoke to the film's director as well as the creature designer and creator. Later this week we'll be sharing the rather freaky concept art for this beastie while the filmmakers walk us through the process of going from concept to production.

In the meantime, check out these stills of the monster in action and then check back here on Thursday to see what went through their minds in creating it.

Pretty promising, right? Wait until you see the cool design process on Thursday.

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