Get Infected: Catch Carriers on DVD

Get Infected: Catch Carriers on DVD

Sep 30, 2009

Did you catch the movie Carriers this month in theaters? The effective little thriller about a group of survivors in the rural Southwest on the run from a global pandemic got a short 100-screen run by Paramount Vantage after sitting in the vault for years. It finally broke out on-screen because its lead actor, Chris Pine, got a wee amount of attention this summer playing James T. Kirk in Star Trek. The PG-13 Carriers—also starring Piper Perabo and Lou Taylor Pucci—isn’t as intense as 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later, but should have been more contagious.

Word is that Carriers will spread to DVD in late December, possibly with the original R-rated cut, along with enhanced 16:9 picture for widescreen TVs and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. A Blu-ray version is about as likely as a cure for cancer at this point, but anything is possible considering this film’s long, strange journey to the big screen. Maybe the commentaries (and some Robitussin) will clear the matter up. In any case, watch out for it in a few months.

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