Read the Script for George Miller's Aborted 'Justice League' Movie

Read the Script for George Miller's Aborted 'Justice League' Movie

Oct 08, 2013

Justice League
Several years ago, DC and Warner Bros. were all set to move ahead with a big-budget superhero ensemble piece that they hoped would rival Marvel's The Avengers. The movie was Justice League, and preproduction was well underway when the writer's strike and a change in Australian tax incentives hit. Couple those with a budget drifting well north of $200 million, and Warner Bros. got cold feet and scrapped the whole thing -- leaving comic geeks to wonder just what might have been.
Well, wonder no more. The script for George Miller's Justice League movie is now online, allowing readers to see just what this massive undertaking would have looked like. Now you can decide if scrapping the whole thing might not have been for the best.
The script cobbles together ideas from JLA: Tower of Babel, Superman: Sacrifice and Crisis on Infinite Earth #8 and was set to feature Armie Hammer as Batman, DJ Cotrona as the Man of Steel, Adam Brody as the Flash, and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. The film was set to open with the other heroes discovering that Batman has rigged a satellite system to spy on them and then takes off into traditional superhero territory from there. 
Would it have all worked? It's hard to say -- but Charlie Schmidlin at IndieWire makes the following observation: 
"It also poses an curious bizarro universe of the present superhero-flick landscape—one in which Miller attempted the gargantuan task of a much-rushed, ensemble superhero experiment, and very likely could have temporarily killed adaptations in the same way that Batman and Robin did in 1997."
Well then -- when you start invoking Batman and Robin for comparison, you can generally assume things are not good.
Check out the full script over at Superhero Movie News and let us know what you think. Would you have wanted George Miller to bring this project to the big screen, or was the series of unfortunate events that killed this version of Justice League really a blessing in disguise?



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