Watch: Georges Méliès Directed One of the Earliest "Adult" Films Ever Made

Watch: Georges Méliès Directed One of the Earliest "Adult" Films Ever Made

Nov 05, 2013

Cinephiles know Georges Méliès as a pioneer of early cinema, whose ingenious special effects, technical developments, and photography advanced film as we know it. He’s best know for his surreal, sci-fi-esque tales A Trip to the Moon and The Impossible Voyage, but Open Culture has taught us that Méliès also created one of the first “adult” films (circa 1897), After the Ball.

Méliès’ wife, silent film starlet Jeanne d'Alcy, starred in the movie —which features a woman stripped down to a body stocking being bathed by her maid. Oh, and that water you see? It’s actually coal dust — probably used for modesty’s sake. The short is YouTube-friendly in 2013, but it was racy for the time period.

This wasn’t the type of film one would be able to walk right into a theater and take a gander at. After the Ball was probably featured at private screenings “for broad-minded bachelors.” The film is supposedly a “tamed-down remake” of Eugène Pirou’s Bedtime for the Bride, which many historians consider the first adult film ever created. Watch the movie, below, and marvel at how times have changed.




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