George Lucas Still Plans on Making Movies, but First He's Opening an Art Museum

George Lucas Still Plans on Making Movies, but First He's Opening an Art Museum

Mar 06, 2013

George Lucas has left the new Star Wars films in (hopefully) capable hands, but that doesn't mean the director is retiring anytime soon. He's getting married, and he's revealed that he will focus his career on making "fun" films that will allow him to experiment more. According to CBS This Morning, he's also opening an art museum in San Francisco that will showcase fine art, illustration, animation and more.

Lucas spoke to reporters on his sprawling ranch about his "dedication to cultural fantasy." He's a big art lover — mainly American artists like Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish. Both painters deal with idealism and storytelling, things Lucas feels this cynical generation needs more of. "There is a world of young people who need to be inspired," he told CBS. "[It's] the idea of being able to paint your fantasies which is what Star Wars was. Star Wars was there to inspire young people to imagine things, to imagine going anywhere in the universe and doing anything you want to do and using your imagination to entertain yourself."

The below video also offers a shot of Lucas' epic library filled with Paramount and Universal Studios' entire book collections. Get inspired, and learn about the first piece of art Lucas ever collected (hint: it has to do with comics), in this five-minute video interview.

[via EW]

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