Before 'Star Wars,' George Lucas Made This Poignant Student Film About Freedom

Before 'Star Wars,' George Lucas Made This Poignant Student Film About Freedom

Jan 09, 2014


Good triumphed over evil in George LucasStar Wars series, but the battle wasn’t yet won in the director’s 1966 student film Freiheit (German for “freedom”). Lucas shows us a young man (Randal Kleiser, who would go on to direct Grease) running from unknown assailants and quickly being shot to death. Different voiceovers discussing freedom take us to the brief credits. All accounts tell us that the character is attempting to cross the Berlin border.

During the time Lucas made Freiheit, the draft for the Vietnam War was in full effect, and gruesome footage from the frontlines was being broadcast to American televisions. The Holocaust was still fresh in the minds of the public. A number of films made at that time dramatized the terrors of World War II. Nazi SS leaders were being tried and executed for their crimes. In was in this era that Lucas’ fascination with social and political dichotomies was forged.

Watch Lucas' poignant short film, which we spotted on Dangerous Minds, below.

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