George Lucas: "Red Tails' is as Close as You're Going to Get to Episode VII" (Plus More on the Live-Action 'Star Wars' TV Series)

George Lucas: "Red Tails' is as Close as You're Going to Get to Episode VII" (Plus More on the Live-Action 'Star Wars' TV Series)

Jan 10, 2012

With Red Tails finally arriving in theaters later this month on January 20th, producer George Lucas (he of Star Wars fame) has been making the rounds chatting up a project that's been in the works for a very long time. While appearing on The Daily Show, Lucas compared the struggle of making Red Tails to Star Wars, revealing that, like Star Wars, he also has ideas for a Red Tails prequel and sequel, though both of those films depend heavily on Red Tails' opening weekend numbers. Lucas went on to discuss the challenges he faced in trying to get a studio to make an all-black action movie because they simply don't exist and are too risky, especially when it comes to earning money overseas.

Based on the real-life story of the African American Tuskegee bomber pilots during World War II, Lucas told Stewart that this "is as close as you're going to get to an Episode VII," alluding to the fact that Star Wars is done on the big screen, at least according to him. But the franchise is still chugging along and it's stronger than ever -- with an animated series, several video games, an entire LEGO universe and a much-anticipated live-action TV series that's still sitting in limbo while folks try to figure out a way to make it on a limited budget.

Speaking to IGN TV, Star Wars producer Rick McCallum provided the latest update on the live-action TV series, which he says carries the working title Star Wars: Underworld, because it's all about the seedy gangster-ridden underworld that crops up between episodes 3 and 4 as the Empire begins to gain control of the galaxy. Unfortunately, even though some scripts are finished, they're still having trouble figuring out a way to produce a big-budgeted, effects-heavy TV show without losing money on each episode. Lucas has said previously that he'd like to wait for the technology to evolve to the point where it's cheaper to pull off the things they'd like to do in the series, though that could be awhile.  

Check out both the George Lucas and Rick McCallum videos below (as well as a bonus six-plus minutes of Red Tails). At this point, are you even still interested in a live-action Star Wars TV show?


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