Watch: 'Geometria,' One of Guillermo del Toro's Early Short Films About a Boy and His Demon

Watch: 'Geometria,' One of Guillermo del Toro's Early Short Films About a Boy and His Demon

Jul 11, 2013

Guillermo Del ToroGuillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim will hit theaters nationwide tomorrow and the potential summer blockbuster is the biggest film in the director’s career. With a budget north of $150 million, it’s bound to be a spectacle that will determine the direction of of the filmmaker's future. Clearly, del Toro has come a long way as a filmmaker, and to see just how far, check out one of his early shorts Geometria.

This humorous horror flick was inspired by not only The Exorcist, but shows like Tales from the Darkside (where many a horrific story ended with a punchline and a laugh), and showcases a young del Toro learning his craft.

A young lad is having a rough go of it in the film (the filmmaker’s 10th short): his father has recently died and he’s failing geometry… again. With his mother on his case, our hero figures out a way to make everything right – by summoning a demon to help his cause! Things don’t go quite as planned.

GdT made this eight-minute feature for a measly thousand bucks, and while it lacks the polish of his modern work, you can definitely see the director’s potential in Geometria. It’s fun and silly and even a little gross. Check it out below (the only copy with subtitles is not the best quality, so maybe watch that one to get the story straight, then check out the better quality version without subs that was featured on the Criterion Cronos disc).

[via The Film Stage]


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