Vintage Clip: Gene Shalit Is Confused About Why Yoda Is Not a Muppet

Vintage Clip: Gene Shalit Is Confused About Why Yoda Is Not a Muppet

Dec 23, 2013

Frank Oz directed Little Shop of Horrors, What About Bob?, The Score and Death at a Funeral. But he's still best known for his work with Jim Henson as the human behind Miss Piggy, the Cookie Monster and many more Muppets. Oz was also the human behind Yoda. Therefore, Yoda is a Muppet. It's a simple line of logic, really. At least if you're Gene Shalit, that is.

The below dose of nostalgia is a video of famous The Today Show host, film critic and pun lover Gene Shalit grilling Oz about the Muppet-ness of Yoda, and it's kind of great for a couple reasons. First, why does Shalit care so much about whether or not Yoda is a Muppet? Second, why won't he take no for an answer? And third, remember when people were still allowed to fly on the Concorde jet?

Thanks to Photon City News and the Twitter account @FakeShalit (which is secretly run by our own John Gholson) for bringing this gem to our attention.








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