Watch Joe Carnahan's 'Gemini Man' Pitch Video: It's Like 'Looper' Meets the 'Bourne' Movies

Watch Joe Carnahan's 'Gemini Man' Pitch Video: It's Like 'Looper' Meets the 'Bourne' Movies

Oct 10, 2012

We seem to be in a time where more and more filmmakers are showing off the projects that didn't get made, either in an effort to revive them, or to just give us something to geek out on for a little while. Joe Carnahan is one of those filmmakers, and not long after he let us see his stylish pitch reel for the Daredevil movie that didn't get picked up, the man is back with another one of his pitch videos for a script that's been in development for years called Gemini Man.

Perhaps the success of Looper is what inspired Carnahan to put this one online since the plots of both films feel somewhat similar. In Gemini Man, which Carnahan originally pitched as a starring vehicle for Clint Eastwood, an aging NSA agent is targeted for assassination by a younger clone of himself. Based on this video, the agent finds himself on the run as his former employers go to great lengths to track him down, Bourne-style. Carnahan said of it on Twitter: "GEMINI MAN: It's pretty low tech kids. The DD reel was flashier. This is a more 'conceptual' piece. Enjoy."

The video itself is pretty cool, and almost feels like the kind of mash-up someone would put together just for the hell of it. Watch old Eastwood fight young Eastwood! The film itself, which has been tossed around since 2003, has passed through the hands of many, including Looper's own Bruce Willis. It almost took shape in 2009 with Curtis Hanson directing, but it never happened. Could things change now, or is this too similar to Looper?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. 

And here's that Daredevil pitch video, which is NSFW.

[via Empire]


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