Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Star Wars' and 'Fantastic Four' Casting, Plus 'Batman vs. Superman' Plot Details

Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Star Wars' and 'Fantastic Four' Casting, Plus 'Batman vs. Superman' Plot Details

Feb 06, 2014

Gary OldmanThings are heating up on the geek-friendly movie front this week. Rumors are flying, fanboys are raging, and Gary Oldman might be the coolest actor alive. Get caught up on all the latest buzz in today’s roundup.

Gary Oldman Teases Star Wars Role

We get things started with Gary Oldman. The venerable actor is out doing publicity for RoboCop, and an enterprising reporter recently sat down with him and asked if maybe we might see him somewhere in the upcoming Star Wars films. Oldman then reveals that such a thing could happen.

Oldman mentions that he’s already heard from the Star Wars folks, but goes no further. The actor, who’s already been in Nolan’s Batman movies, Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes and a ton of other classic features, seems sort of bemused by the idea of appearing in Star Wars. He makes it fairly clear that nothing is imminent on the casting front, but getting Oldman would be a pretty big casting coup for J.J. Abrams and the team. Now we can all sit around wondering who he might play.

Check out the interview below. [via Sky Movies and Comic Book Movies]

Fantastic Four Rumors Suggest a Female Could Play Dr. Doom

Next up, the bombshell rumor that has Fantastic Four fans flipping out.

Josh Trank’s reboot of the Marvel franchise has certainly spawned its share of rumors over the past few months, but none are bigger (and potentially more divisive) than this latest bit of gossip making the rounds.

The latest casting buzz claims Fox is currently looking for a performer to play the villainous Dr. Doom – and that it's not opposed to the idea of switching the iconic bad guy’s gender for the right actress. Say what? A lady Dr. Doom?

I’m pretty liberal about tweaking comics for films, but the idea of changing Victor Von Doom to Victoria seems like it’s pushing things even for me. Doom is one of Marvel’s most infamous evildoers, a mad genius who’s feuded with Marvel’s first family for decades. Why would you even consider messing with that dynamic at this stage of the game? It sounds more like a potential issue of Marvel’s old What If? series than something you'd put in a film.

This is not to say there couldn’t be interesting things that emerge as a result of Doom being a woman (what would her and Reed Richards’ new backstory be?), but it’s a huge gamble that stands to alienate the very audience Trank and Fox need in order to make this reboot a success.

At any rate, this is an interesting rumor, but I suspect that when Dr. Doom’s casting announcement is made, it will feature a male actor in the role. [via THR]

Batman vs. Superman Plot Details Revealed?

Finally, we wrap things up with some rumors about Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman.

With the Internet still getting used to the idea of Jesse Eisenberg being cast as Luthor, we’ve now learned a bit about how Luthor will be portrayed in the films courtesy of Latino Review’s El Mayimbe.

The big takeaway? Luthor will be follicly challenged – so yeah, he'll be bald. Mayimbe uncovered some other background info about Zack Snyder’s plans for the character, which you can check out here.

I’m still not entirely sold on casting Eisenberg in the role, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all works out. 


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