Geek Roundup: 'Godzilla' Viral Vids and Trailer Date; 'Daredevil' Update; 'Terminator' Reboot Title Revealed?

Geek Roundup: 'Godzilla' Viral Vids and Trailer Date; 'Daredevil' Update; 'Terminator' Reboot Title Revealed?

Dec 09, 2013

DaredevilNeed a fresh infusion of geekiness to get your week started off on the right foot? You’re in luck, because we’ve got you covered with all the hot nerd-friendly movie news that transpired while you were off having a weekend. Buckle up, because we’ve got the latest on Marvel’s Daredevil series at Netflix, news on the new Godzilla trailer, and the latest Terminator skinny. I’m like a geek Santa Claus, and it looks like you all have been nice.

We kick things off with some very good news about Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil series. The Man Without Fear will be the focus of one of four series the comic book juggernaut is launching along with Netflix, and the company has revealed it has hired a showrunner. Drew Goddard will be the man who keeps things in order on the series when it debuts in 2015, and we're super excited about this news. Goddard has a great resume, including directing last year’s horror hit The Cabin in the Woods and working on properties like Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Cloverfield.

Marvel reports Goddard will write and direct the first ep of the series, then settle in to oversee the rest of the 13 shows that will make up the first season. [via Marvel]

Next up, let’s talk Terminator.

Like it or not, there’s another Terminator film in development – and it’s yet another reboot. However, even a reboot needs a title (because it would be confusing if they pulled a Rob Zombie and just called this Terminator. No one ever knows which Halloween you’re talking about these days. Thanks Rob!) and the folks behind the project have settled on the oh-so-imaginative Terminator: Genesis for Alan Taylor’s newest entry.

While it’s not the worst title we’ve heard lately (just look at the suggested titles for Batman vs. Superman for an idea of how pretentious Hollywood titles can be), it is sort of boring. What do you guys think? [via CinemaBlend]

Finally, let’s wrap things up with some Godzilla goodness.

Tomorrow will see the debut of the first official trailer for Gareth Evans’ movie about the greatest monster to ever destroy Tokyo. The clip will be revealed at 10 a.m. PST and we’ll have it here for you when that happens.

However, if you simply can’t wait until then, you can at least entertain yourself with these two new viral clips related to the film. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have launched a website at that features some short and confounding clips that are tied to the film. It appears as though they’ll be adding more, too – so check out the first two below and then keep an eye on the site for more goodies.

Godzilla is set to flatten the competition at the box office on May 16. [via Coming Soon]


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