Geek Queen Felicia Day Not Joining The Avengers ... For Now

Geek Queen Felicia Day Not Joining The Avengers ... For Now

May 23, 2011

Though she had teamed up with Joss Whedon before and has been one of the leaders of the female geek movement, up until this point Felicia Day had been kept away from the really big superhero properties, this despite the fact that, like Nathan Fillion, she has amassed a legion of fans who are itching to see her talents brought to a larger stage. So when it was rumored over the weekend that Day had joined The Avengers as S.W.O.R.D Agent Abigail Brand, fans got a tad excited. Not only would Day reunite with The Avengers director Whedon (the two had worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog together), but she'd be playing a character Whedon created during his work on the comic book series, Astonishing X-Men.

It began when someone noticed that IMDB's Avengers page had been updated with the addition of Felicia Day's name to the cast list. While IMDB has made mistakes in the past, folks believed this one because of the ties Day had to Whedon, and the ties Whedon had to the character. So is it true? Well, sadly, according to Felicia Day herself, it is not true. Not long after the geek community exploded with the news, Day took to her Twitter account with the following message: "Wow, I log off for a few hours, crazy rumors flying around. As cool as it would be, they are not true. Love you all!"

Oh well. Still, though, there's always a chance she's playing coy till either the deal is finalized or until Marvel wants to make it official (perhaps at Comic Con). It would be smart for them to include Day in the film for a variety of reasons (some of which are listed above), so here's hoping this rumor becomes a reality ...

[via Comic Book Movie]

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