Geek Buzz: 'Iron Fist,' 'Batman v Superman,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and More

Geek Buzz: 'Iron Fist,' 'Batman v Superman,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and More

Feb 25, 2016

There's a lot of geekcentric news coming through the pipeline today. Here's a breakdown of all the latest:


Iron Fist's Golden Boy

Marvel has cast another of its major superhero characters for its cinematic universe -- on the small screen level. Iron Fist, a martial arts expert who will be getting his own series on Netflix, will be played by Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones.

This will be the fourth MCU series for the streaming outlet, following Daredevil (the second season of which starts next month), Jessica Jones (which is getting a second season in 2017) and Luke Cage, which debuts later this year. All four of their lead characters will eventually unite for a crossover show, The Defenders. [Entertainment Weekly]


Guardians of the Galaxy's Girl in Blue

Karen Gillan, who is reprising her role as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, tweeted a tease of her appearance in next year's sequel. Yep, she's still blue. At least her hand is, anyway. Probably the rest, too. Gillan captioned the image, "It's good to be back in blue."

And as far as what little we know of her part in the upcoming movie, the blue-skinned baddie will be dealing with her relationship with her green-skinned sister, Gamora, one of the good guy Guardians. [via Cinema Blend]


Answering for Man of Steel

In the above new image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman (Henry Cavill) stands before the media sorrowfully answering for the devastating events of the last DC Extended Universe installment, Man of Steel. Captioned with Holly Hunter's new politician character's line "the world needs to know what happened," it's a reminder that the upcoming movie follows and directly relates to the plot of the 2013 Superman solo feature. [via Cinema Blend


The Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience

Omaze is sending one lucky fan to ride in the new Batmobile, fly with Superman (technically with Cavill and it's in a helicopter), take a photo with Bruce Wayne (really Ben Affleck) at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice world premiere and photobomb the whole cast on the red carpet with Lex Luthor (really Jesse Eisenberg). Watch Eisenberg himself introduce the sweepsteaks and ask comic book store customers who would win, Batman or Superman or Luthor. []



Kong: Skull Island the Ride

While we still haven't seen much from next year's blockbuster King Kong reboot Kong: Skull Island, Universal has unveiled a first look peek at the tie-in ride for the studio's theme parks. Skull Island: Reign of Kong, which opens this summer at Univeral Orlando Resort's Islands of Adventure, promises to be "a massive attraction unlike anything you have ever seen before," according to creative director Mike West in the video below. [/Film]




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