Geek Bites: Robin Williams' 'Legend of Zelda' Ad, TMNT Character Art, and Christopher Reeve on Playing Superman

Geek Bites: Robin Williams' 'Legend of Zelda' Ad, TMNT Character Art, and Christopher Reeve on Playing Superman

Jun 17, 2011

superman: the movie

-- Henry Cavill is the latest actor to tackle the role of Superman, and he has the unenviable task of trying to compare with the late Christopher Reeve – who made the role his own in a series of films starting in 1978. Now, in a previously unpublished interview, Reeve reveals how he approached the character and his bumbling counterpart Clark Kent.

On playing Superman, the actor says “I wasn’t quite sure what I would do as Superman so I decided that I would simply let the costume do most of the work. The technology was developed to make me look incredible, but that made it easier in that I could underplay the part. So I thought, the thing to do is not do too much. Don’t pose or overact. Just be Superman.”

His approach to Clark Kent was slightly different. Reeve admits to modeling the character after screen legend Cary Grant and says he worked on developing a bit of a stutter to cue the audience in to Clark’s insecurities.

Reeve was initially passed over for the part that made him a household name because producers Ilya and Alexander Salkind thought he was too small to be the Man of Steel. After bulking up a bit, Reeve won the role -- and the rest is history. 


tmnt art


-- With a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot in the works, artist Dave Rapoza decided it was time to show off what some of the characters would look like in a grittier and more realistic Turtles outing. We’re impressed – if they’d use these character designs and make a Turtles film that had a story more in line with the edgy comic book characters, we’d be lining up for this remake right now. Check out the full gallery over at Buzzfeed. If you really dig the art, you can also order prints from Rapoza’s blog.

-- As Nintendo’s newest handheld gaming system, the 3DS, continues to combat stagnant sales figures, the videogame giant suspects things will improve with the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time later this year. In order to help promote the updating of the game (which is heralded as one of the greatest videogames of all time), Nintendo has turned to an unlikely source for help: Robin Williams.

Williams, the stream-of-consciousness comedian, named his daughter Zelda when she was born back in 1989. At the time, many assumed it was a reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, who was arguably the most famous Zelda in history until game developer Shigeru Miyamoto borrowed the name for the princess in his action adventure game way back in 1987. To celebrate this, Nintendo has enlisted Williams and his daughter Zelda to star in a new ad promoting Ocarina of Time on the 3DS. It’s a cool clip, which you can check out for yourself below. The Williams family is the latest in a long list of stars to promote Nintendo products. 

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