Geek Bites: 'The Wolverine' Might be Delayed Again, The Lizard revealed in Pez Form, 'John Carter' and 'Men in Black 3' Posters

Geek Bites: 'The Wolverine' Might be Delayed Again, The Lizard revealed in Pez Form, 'John Carter' and 'Men in Black 3' Posters

Nov 29, 2011

Hugh Jackman as WolverineWe love Thanksgiving as much as anyone – all that food, and football, and time off work is great. There is a downside though – Hollywood basically shuts down shop for a four day weekend and there’s no cool movie news to talk about. Fortunately, that’s over now – and we’re back today with an all new installment of Geek Bites.

The Wolverine: We’re actually looking forward to checking out James Mangold’s The Wolverine – the sequel to the wholly unsatisfying Wolverine: Origins – wherein Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as everyone’s favorite Marvel Mutant. Unfortunately, it appears as though we may be waiting longer than expected to finally see Wolverine’s newest adventure.

While the film has already been delayed once, it appears that another date move is on the horizon – which is bad news for comic fans. The first hitch in the schedule pushed the film’s start date back to “early 2012,” but new issues have sources saying the film won’t begin production until some point later in the year. No one’s given an idea of when that date might be – but it’s not “early 2012.”

What’s the hold up? No one’s saying for sure, but the first delay revolved around Jackman’s schedule (the actor was already involved with Les Miserables) and the production’s inability to find a suitable location for shooting in Japan. JoBlo contends those issues are still at the heart of the delay – and that no one’s planning on resolving those problems until after the first of the year. Sources still insist the script is “stellar,” so don’t panic that these delays are a sign that the film won’t live up to expectations.

John Carter: As we inch closer to the March 2012 release date of John Carter, Disney is starting to release photos and other goodies from the upcoming adventure film. Apple Trailers has scored an exclusive new poster for the film, plus a series of stills featuring star Taylor Kitsch and various scenes and contraptions from the movie (which we posted here).

Click image to enlarge

John Carter finds Kitsch playing the title character – a war-weary hero who winds up on Mars and becomes entangled in a new epic conflict. The film is based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Swing by Apple Trailers for more stills.

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The Lizard pez dispenserThe Amazing Spider-Man: In other comic movie news, we’ve gotten our first look at The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man – sort of. An alert contributor happened across some photos of new Pez candy dispensers linked to the upcoming reboot, and that has given Marvel True Believers their first glimpse of Dr. Curt Connors in his full on monster form.

While this isn’t quite as cool as an actual set photo, it’s still something worth checking out. All in all, if this is what the film version looks like, we’re pretty happy. Marc Webb and crew have stuck to the character’s classic look – minus his white lab coat – and we approve of that.

Rhys Ifans plays the character in the film, which is due in theaters next July.

Men in Black 3: If you’ve been wondering what’s up with Men in Black 3, wonder no more. Here’s your first look at the teaser posters for the upcoming flick, courtesy of /Film. If you look really closely, you’ll notice that amongst all the repeating MIBs, there’s a URL to the film’s site and Facebook,

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith reprise their roles in the sequel, which is due out in May of next year. 

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