Geek Bites: 'Prometheus,' 'Blade Runner' Sequel, 'Die Hard 5, ''Star Trek' Villain Casting and 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score Needs You

Geek Bites: 'Prometheus,' 'Blade Runner' Sequel, 'Die Hard 5, ''Star Trek' Villain Casting and 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score Needs You

Nov 07, 2011

Director Ridley ScottReady for some geek-friendly movie news to get your week rolling? Then this edition of Geek Bites is just what the doctor ordered.

-- Ridley Scott has finished filming his “sort-of” Alien prequel Prometheus, and the revered filmmaker has finally opened up a bit to explain what fans can expect. The director tells the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy that the new film, which stars Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, features a central metaphor about “a higher being who challenges the gods, and the gods don’t want to give him fire.”

If that has you scratching your head, wondering how it all ties into Alien, you’re probably not alone. However, Scott assures readers that the last eight minutes of Prometheus evolve into “pretty good DNA of the Alien one.” We’re not entirely sure what that even means, but if it means Prometheus is an entirely different film than Alien and only ties into Scott’s earlier film in the last few minutes, there will be an ocean’s-worth of fanboy tears streaming out of theaters when the film releases next June. We’re trusting Ridley on this one, but we’re a little nervous.

Scott also took the time to point out that his much-discussed Blade Runner project is “liable to be a sequel” and won’t likely feature the return of Deckard or any of the original cast. Cue sci-fi fan debate in 3...2...1... go!

-- If Benicio Del Toro was upset about Ron Meyer’s recent comments about how bad he “stunk” in Universal’s The Wolfman, the best way to get over it is to get back on the horse and start working. Luckily for him, an opportunity seems to be presenting itself.

Variety says that JJ Abrams wants Del Toro for his Star Trek sequel and that an offer could be made to the actor virtually any day now. Del Toro and Abrams have apparently met to discuss the part, but since Abrams is insistent on keeping the villain’s identity under wraps, even Del Toro doesn’t know who he’d be playing.

We have no clue either, but we’re hoping it’s not Khan. We’ve got nothing against Benicio, but we can’t really see him taking over the role Ricardo Montalban made famous. Expect an update on this one soon.

-- The newest Die Hard movie is set to begin filming next year, and the search is on for the actor to play veteran cop John McClane’s son. Breathe easy, everyone – we’ve seen the list of the final four contenders (thanks to Deadline) and there’s not a Shia Labeouf or Taylor Lautner anywhere to be found…

Instead, the four finalists include The Hunger GamesLiam Hemsworth, The Pacific star James Badge Dale, DJ Cotrona – who’s currently at work on G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation, and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. That’s right, Jesse Pinkman could be John McClane’s son, bitch!

Obviously, Paul is our top choice for the gig, but it could interfere with his work on the fifth and final season of AMC’s critically acclaimed television show. If that’s the case, we want someone else to get the part – hopefully someone other than Hemsworth.

-- Finally, if you want to be part of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, here’s your big chance!

Composer Hans Zimmer is outsourcing the audio of a “worldwide chant” that appears in the upcoming film and he wants you to lend your voice to the cause. We’ll let Zimmer explain it himself, but it sounds pretty cool.

We need to hear your voices! Now and Loud! We are creating the sound of a worldwide chant. Everyone come and be part of it. It's easy: There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can't fix later. If you mumble, growl, scream or whisper, it's all good. Make it yours. If you only get halfway through, no problem! Do it alone, bring your friends, but do it with energy and commitment.Let your voice be heard and be a part of our adventure!"

If you want to take part (and maybe get your big break into the lucrative world of voice acting) head over to the film’s Ujam page and get to recording. (via

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