The Geek Beat: The Best and Worst Geek-Friendly Super Bowl Trailers

The Geek Beat: The Best and Worst Geek-Friendly Super Bowl Trailers

Feb 05, 2013

We’re in Super Bowl fallout mode here at the Geek Beat. Not so much because of the game, but because of a bunch of new footage for high-interest films to geeks everywhere. Since you’re able to see most of  them in articles around both this site and the Internet at large, I thought it might be a little more fun to have a little bit of a commentary session on the bigger, more geek-relevant revelations before we jump into a few news items.

But first, as usual, here are the top three geeky articles to be found this past week at

1)      2013 Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' 'Fast and Furious 6' and More

2)      Monster Rumor: Hulk Set to Play Major Role in Marvel's Phase 3 Plans

3)      'The Dark Knight Returns' vs. 'The Dark Knight Rises': Which Has the Better Ending for Batman?

Not a bad bit of content before the commercial fest of this past Sunday, but let us begin this week’s Geek Beat with a look at the top geeky commercials that aired Sunday during Super Bowl XLVII.

Star Trek Into Darkness

While I don’t think very many people were expecting a whole lot of new answers in the spot for Into Darkness, I definitely think the ad delivered on showing how amped this film seems to be even compared to it’s pretty frenetic predecessor. With a couple of interesting new peeks at Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison character, as well as some pretty astonishing action shots, I think this ad did its job in getting America’s largest TV audience at least a bit more excited for this film than they already were.

For a more detailed breakdown of the Super Bowl spot, be sure to check next Wednesday for the latest edition of the Star Trek Into Darkness Countdown, written by yours truly.

Iron Man 3

There were actually two related spots to the new Iron Man film that had to do with Sunday’s game: the one that they actually showed on the air, and the one that they referred people to that was actually online. The latter is below.

While on Twitter around the time the aired version was live, I saw one, profound reaction: disappointment. Marvel Studios is known to try and pinch its pennies where it can (just ask Terrence Howard, Edward Norton, Kenneth Branagh, Patty Jenkins and Joe Johnston), but this was pretty ridiculous. Yes, Super Bowl ads are obscenely expensive, but the idea is that the price is likely worth it to reach so many people, right? Instead, Marvel puts out a shorter ad for its big summer film that has a link to its Facebook page, taking the flow out of the fun of watching these commercials.

It seems like a missed opportunity to use that extremely bloated audience to advertise a film’s Facebook page more than anything. I get the cost cutting, but really: if people are watching the game and invested in it, do you think they’re going to want to go to Facebook that second to watch the other minute of footage (some of it having nothing to do with the film), or are they going to watch the game? Seems to me they’d finish the game, and then consequently likely forget to go to Facebook in the first place.

Sounds kind of like a fumble, and it wasn’t even during the game.

World War Z

Now THAT’S a pretty good use of your 30 seconds. While some of this footage we’ve already seen before, the few seconds we see and dialogue snippets we get with the world’s reaction to the zombie apocalypse makes for a pretty interesting series of events for this adaptation of the Max Brooks novel. Seeing officers carry away the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution gave me a bit of a thrill, because you know it’s probably hit the fan if they’re finding new homes for our most sacred national documents.

To see the other big movie ads that premiered during the game, be sure to read our article going over them all.

Marvel News: New Captain America Love Interest Cast; Massive Hulk Rumors Abound

Two big items are coming this week from the home of Spider-Man and the Avengers. The first is from MTV, which reports that that Emily VanCamp (known to modern audiences for her starring role in the TV drama Revenge) has apparently been cast as the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While her role hasn’t been confirmed, fan speculation is on overdrive concerning whether or not she will play the modern Captain America’s girlfriend from the comics (including the story the film is sourcing), namely Sharon Carter of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sharon is the niece of Peggy Carter, who appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The second comes from Latino Review, which claims that it has uncovered a key framework for Marvel’s Phase Three plans. What are those plans, you might ask? Apparently, they include adaptations of two major Hulk stories by writer Greg Pak: Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. This is pretty massive news if true, considering the fact that Planet Hulk takes place on another, well, planet, and could symbolize even greater goals in mind for the studio beyond the promises of Thanos for Phase Two.

One thing certain Marvel fans might be asking is whether or not the studio would include a relatively important component in the comic book execution of these stories, namely the highly popular Mark Millar/Steve McNiven miniseries Civil War. During Civil War, the Hulk was conspicuously absent due to the lead-up to Planet Hulk, and while it probably wouldn’t be necessary in an adaptation, an argument can be made for Civil War’s comparative popularity. Keep in mind that these are just rumors for now, but if the Hulk talk ends up being true, this could be a huge bit of news for fans of the enormous green rage monster.

My Pick This Week at the Comic Shop (Releasing 2/6)

This week, fan-favorite writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Justice League Dark, Sweet Tooth) is taking the reins on DC’s Emerald Archer in the pages of Green Arrow #17.  In interviews, Lemire has said that he and artist Andrea Sorrentino are approaching this is if it were a number-one issue, with new situations, a new supporting cast, and a bit more intensity going into their take on Oliver Queen. Ollie has a pretty interesting 2013 coming up, because in addition to a powerhouse of a creative team in his own book, he’ll also be a high-level player in the new Justice League of America title coming out later in the month from the team of writer Geoff Johns (Justice League, Green Lantern) and artist David Finch (Batman: The Dark Knight, New Avengers).

As someone who was initially underwhelmed by the New 52 Green Arrow title upon its premiere in late 2011, I’m glad that the character is getting this treatment since he’s one I’ve always personally had a soft spot for. We’ll have to see if Lemire brings his A-game this Wednesday, when the book is available at your local comic book store.

Be sure to check back in with us next week as we go over the latest news and rumors coming out of all of our favorite franchises. Have a great week, until next time!

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