Gavin O'Connor Takes Matt Damon's Leftovers With 'Father Daughter Time'

Gavin O'Connor Takes Matt Damon's Leftovers With 'Father Daughter Time'

Jan 09, 2017

Matt Damon has never directed a movie, but that's not because he doesn't want to. It's just that he's too busy, and in the past he's admitted that he'll keep passing on going behind the camera to work with other great filmmakers so that he can learn more from them. Some of the projects he's been in line to direct that haven't happened include the still unmade A Foreigner, another unproduced movie he wrote with John Krasinski and Manchester by the Sea, which was one of last night's big Golden Globe winners.

Recently, Damon had to pass up another potential directorial debut, Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses. He will still produce the movie, which is about a man on the run with his daughter after a joint crime spree, but taking the helm instead is Gavin O'Connor (Warrior), according to Deadline. He's been good about taking leftovers in the past, having joined Jane Got a Gun as director last minute following the sudden exit of Lynne Ramsay.   

Given that Damon's last leftover, Manchester by the Sea, is now seeing so much awards success, this could look like like a repeat of that. "He was generous enough to allow me to take the reins directorially," O'Connor told Deadline. "We know his track record as a writer-actor-producer — his taste and sensibility in material — his guidance on Manchester By The Sea was brilliant, so I’m grateful; it feels like a great partnership.” He goes on to say this will be a personal effort, since he also has a daughter. 

The director, whose last movie was The Accountant, starring Damon's best bud Ben Affleck, has also been attached to direct the Damon and Affleck-produced Houses of Deceit, about the FIFA corruption scandal. Affleck is also involved with Father Daughter Time as a producer. Perhaps if he also boards as the lead of the movie, the Damon departure can bring him good luck and he'll win big awards, just as his brother Casey has been doing with Manchester by the Sea.




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