Gary Coleman's Death Photos Sold, La Lohan Breaks the Rules Again and More!

Gary Coleman's Death Photos Sold, La Lohan Breaks the Rules Again and More!

Jun 09, 2010

Gary Coleman’s Death Photos Sold to Tabloid It’s bad enough that people mocked Gary Coleman throughout his life, but do you really gotta kick a guy while he’s dead, too? Tabloid magazine The Globe has spent $10,000 on pictures of Gary Coleman on his death bed. To make matters worse, the photos were apparently taken by his ex-wife Shannon, which means there’s a good chance she’s the one who sold them! I mean, c’mon – sell the guy’s old ratty recliner on eBay first and then work your way up to the death-bed photos. That’s how everyone else does it!

Lindsay Lohan Escapes Jail Yet Again Here’s a note for Lindsay Lohan: If you're wearing an ankle bracelet that detects alcohol, it might not be a good idea to drink alcohol. Though an arrest warrant was originally issued for Lohan following alcohol detection on the alcohol-detecting bracelet she was forced to wear by the court, a judge was quick to withdraw it and instead raise her parole $10,000 since the original crime is considered a misdemeanor. So all it costs Lindsay is ten grand per drink? That’s nothing; I’ve seen others waste even more on making sure Snooki shows up to their party.

Kim Kardashian Wants to be the New Lara Croft? Sure, because Hollywood is racing to reboot a franchise that once starred Angelina Jolie just so they can cast Kim Kardashian, who’s famous because … well, she’s got a big butt, apparently. And she has a reality show on E!, which, ya know, kind of automatically makes you fit to lead a big-budgeted Hollywood action movie these days. Sources tell us after they make the first installment, her ass will get a spinoff. (And the ass, we’re told, will be played by Paris Hilton).

Salma Hayek Hates Snakes. Like, Really Hates Snakes No, like, she really hates snakes. She hates snakes so much that during a junket for a movie, a snake slithered past, freaking out Hayek to the point that she literally climbed on top of her co-star … with five-inch heels on … while screaming bloody murder. And it's all on video! Oh, and the name of that movie? Grown Ups.

Mr. T Pities the Fool Who Likes The A-Team Movie The Mohawk-wearin’ badass known as Mr. T is speaking out on why he isn’t fond of the new, updated big-screen version of The A-Team set to hit theaters on June 11th. No, he’s not upset at the actor who portrayed B.A. Baracus (who’s the character Mr. T played on the original ‘80s TV show), or that he wasn’t asked to cameo (he declined to cameo); instead, he’s pissed the movie is too “graphic” and upset over how many people die. Oh, and he’s not too fond of the sex, either (even though there isn't any). So, to recap: a man with muscles, a Mohawk and a mean attitude doesn’t like the violence or the sex? Dare I say that I pity this fool?

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