Watch the Director of 'The Raid' Experiment With Doing a Bloodless Action Scene

Watch the Director of 'The Raid' Experiment With Doing a Bloodless Action Scene

Jan 25, 2016

The Raid and The Raid 2 have some of the best fight scenes not just of the last few years, but of the entirety of mankind's existence on Planet Earth. That may sound like hyperbole, but it's not. Those two movies are why people immediately started wondering when director Gareth Evans was going to make a Hollywood movie, the train of thought being that if he can deliver that kind of action on relatively small budgets, imagine what he would do with a massive budget.

There's a big gap in that train's tracks, though. Hollywood doesn't make movies like The Raid. Sure, Hollywood loves action. Hollywood loves fighting and explosions and ridiculously elaborate chase scenes. But the Hollywood version of those scenes is rarely, if ever, as genuinely violent as Evans' movies. He does not shy away from the red stuff, he soaks the screen with it.

We're not going to presuppose that the reason Evans hasn't made the jump to Hollywood is because he won't make a PG-13 movie, we're just saying a major studio is not going to give him a blank check to make a movie as hyper violent as The Raid without putting a few boundaries in place first. It is a little curious, however, that Evans has just shared a short film that he made with some of The Raid's stars that they designed specifically to stay within a PG-13 rating. He doesn't say it's a pitch to make a feature version of this story about two assassins trying to kill a messenger, just that it's an experiment in staying within the bloodless confines of that rating.

There is no embedding allowed for the video so you'll have to head to YouTube to check it out. We recommend you do, as it's a pretty kick-ass piece of swordplay and dialogue free storytelling. If all Evans was trying to prove with this short was his ability to make an intense action scene that didn't have horrific violence in it, then he's made it look easy (even though we're sure it was very, very hard).


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