Gareth Edwards Working on Intergalactic Tale of Lost Humanity

Gareth Edwards Working on Intergalactic Tale of Lost Humanity

Aug 05, 2011

MonstersGareth Edwards burst onto the film scene in 2010 with Monsters, a highly ambitious and original sci-fi film that tells an atypical alien invasion story.  Instead of focusing on the actual invasion, Edwards decided to tell his story about people who seem to always be walking in the aftermath of the invasion.  Because of that, Monsters might understandably be a bit of a letdown to anyone expecting a grand scale action-adventure film.  The entire film was made with a crew of about six people, what more do you want from it?  But don't worry, if what you do now want from Edwards is something big made by more than a handful of people, you'll soon get your chance.

The British director has already been signed to directed the Legendary Pictures-produced, David Goyer-scripted remake of Godzilla, but while that's still in the production womb, Edwards has also apparently been developing another, even larger sci-fi film to be produced by Timur Bekmambetov.  We don't know the title of this mystery project yet, but thanks to /Film, we do know a bit more about its story: it's, "a robot Star Wars."

Okay, so it's not literally Star Wars, but with robots.  It's just that when you're trying to get a project off the ground in Hollywood, you, no matter how impressive your directorial debut is, have to compare your pitch to a successful film everyone already knows about.  That's just the law.  The project is actually about a very young girl, believed to be one of the last humans in the universe, who travels with her robot companion across the galaxy in search of other humans.  

Sounds pretty promising, no?

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