Watch Hitler Go Bollywood in 'Gandhi to Hitler'

Watch Hitler Go Bollywood in 'Gandhi to Hitler'

Sep 12, 2011

The trailer for Rakesh Ranjan Kumar's Bollywood historical drama, Gandhi to Hitler, will undoubtedly be the strangest thing you see all day. The recently released film centers around two letters that the Indian peacekeeper wrote to the Nazi leader in 1939 before World War II erupted. According to Letters of Note, the messages never actually reached the Führer due to British interference, but that didn't stop Kumar from making an entire movie about them.

The film created a stir last year when critics questioned if Hitler would be portrayed as a hero of sorts. Bollywood vet and Bend it Like Beckham star Anupam Kher even dropped out of the project (he was set to play the big baddie himself), but reviews indicate that the ridiculous factor is so overwhelming there's really no cause for alarm. Confusing and bizarre, Kumar's all-Indian cast – yes, even for the part of Hitler – is complete with flashy song and dance numbers. Hitler's lover Eva Braun even makes an appearance, and her name is apparently spelled "Eva Brown" in the title sequence – because the film really needed more unintentional hilarity. 
Dig into the trailer below, and thank Bollywood for keeping it interesting.


[via: BuzzFeed]

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