Game Changer? Vimeo Launches a Very Cool Self-Distribution Service for Filmmakers

Game Changer? Vimeo Launches a Very Cool Self-Distribution Service for Filmmakers

Mar 12, 2013


While YouTube remains king of the cat videos and strippers cracking their skulls open on the dance pole, Vimeo has become a neat platform for artists, musicians and filmmakers thanks to its beautiful displays (especially when it comes to HD) and more discerning taste. The video-sharing website is now taking another step forward with its Vimeo On Demand service — a self-distribution platform for filmmakers with revenue available.

Creatives will be able to upload their original content and sell the work via rental or download. The coolest part about the new service is that they get to keep 90% of their revenue after transaction fees (PayPal and credit card). You must be a PRO member to take advantage of this feature, but the customization options make that alone worth it. Vimeo On Demand films can be viewed on a desktop, a mobile device and connected televisions. Oscar-nominee Don Hertzfeldt kicked off the new Vimeo feature with a screening of It’s Such a Beautiful Day, the closing chapter in the filmmaker's animated trilogy about the complexities of a stick figure. You can rent or buy it for $2/$6. Check out this clip explaining the new service, and let us know if you're a filmmaker who can't wait to take advantage of Vimeo On Demand.



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