The Coen Brothers-Scripted 'Gambit' Remake Gets a Trailer (Updated)

The Coen Brothers-Scripted 'Gambit' Remake Gets a Trailer (Updated)

Sep 20, 2012

Update: See the full trailer below

Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine starred in the 1966 Oscar-nominated comedy Gambit, about a showgirl who aids a criminal plot against a millionaire. The heist backfires, of course, and hilarity ensues. The Coen brothers have rewritten the remake starring Colin Firth in Caine's cat burglar role, and Cameron Diaz transforms MacLaine's part into that of a steer roper who conspires to sell a fake work of art to a collector. Alan Rickman is the millionaire in question. Stanley Tucci joins them for the shenanigans.
Here's a first look at the comedy caper in the hands of director Michael Hoffman. The original film had some great twists to it and never took itself too seriously, so try to go easy on Diaz's caricature of a Southern accent. Firth's role looks like a lot of fun, so we're happy to see his goofier side come to light. 
Check out the clip below, and let us know what you make of it. Gambit hits theaters on November 21. [via Bleeding Cool]

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