Geek/Watch: "The Rock" Joins G.I. Joe 2, Anne Hathaway Injures Stuntman on Dark Knight Rises and Green Lantern Clip

Geek/Watch: "The Rock" Joins G.I. Joe 2, Anne Hathaway Injures Stuntman on Dark Knight Rises and Green Lantern Clip

Jun 07, 2011

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Join G.I. Joe 2

It's about damn time Dwayne Johnson returns to big action films. When the former wrestler began starring in a bunch of kids movies, the guy's stock went way down and his badass cred went out the window. Now, though, we've seen The Rock (and yes, the man is a rock!) go from being the tooth fairy to Faster and Fast Five (do we detect a pattern?), and now Variety brings word that he'll be bringing the pain to G.I. Joe 2 as the character Roadblock.

It's a great move for the G.I. Joe sequel, too, as The Rock's presence in Fast Five helped turn that film into one of the most successful of the year. Bringing him on to kick an enormous amount of ass as one of the G.I. Joe team is just the way to go, especially from an action figure standpoint, and to make sure you have a guy with giant muscles in your sequel. G.I. Joe 2 is scheduled for August 10, 2012, and The Rock will join other returning castmembers like Channing Tatum (Duke), Ray Park (Snake Eyes) and Lee Byung-hun (Storm Shadow) in the film.

Here's some info on Roadblock via the G.I. Joe wiki:

Roadblock's real name is Marvin F. Hinton and he was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. Before he enlisted in the U.S. Army, Roadblock wanted to be a gourmet chef and towards that, was working as a bouncer in order to earn enough money to attend Escoffier School in France. An army recruiter managed to convince him that he could learn to be a chef in the Army. After enlisting, Roadblock found Army food appalling and transferred to infantry where he excelled at using heavy weapons. Roadblock is one of the biggest and strongest members of G.I. Joe. He often carries a fully-loaded M2 Browning machine gun as a personal weapon, which can weigh up to 134 lbs and usually requires a dedicated squad to transport and operate. Despite working in infantry, he still maintains his passion for making good food and indulges in it while engaging in his secondary duty.

Anne Hathway Beats Up a Stuntman on The Dark Knight Rises Set

Production has been underway for about a month or so on The Dark Knight Rises, and we officially have an on-set injury in the form of a black eye given to a stuntman by one Anne Hathaway, who's playing Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in the film. According to Entertainment.STV (via Comic Book Movie), Hathaway was shooting a fight scene when she accidentally shoved the butt of a gun into the stuntman's eye, giving him a "massive black eye." Apparently she felt bad and later gave the guy a silver pen with the engraving, "Remember no one packs a punch like Anne." Well, at least we know the girl gets her fight on in the film.

Ryan Reynolds Learns to Fly in New Green Lantern Clip

Early buzz on Green Lantern has been positive, and now Warner Bros. is really starting to push this thing with a series of clips that have been arriving pretty much by the day. In this one, Ryan Reynolds (as Hal Jordan) has traveled to Oa, the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps, where he'll learn all about being a Green Lantern ... including the ability to fly. Check it out below; Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17th.


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