The Future of Moviegoing May Include Living, Breathing Movie Theaters Like This One

The Future of Moviegoing May Include Living, Breathing Movie Theaters Like This One

Sep 11, 2012


A living, breathing movie theater was unveiled at the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion as part of the 2012 Yeosu EXPO in Korea. An art-and-design collective in Seoul, Jonpasang, created an incredible, kinetic matrix of moving cubes that form patterns and pictures across a vast grid. That panoramic surface also happens to be a movie theater screen, which retains its flat projection surface when the Hyper-Matrix is not in use. The program runs on steel scaffolding with thousands of lightweight, 300mm x 300mm cubes that have their own stepper motor. The cubes are then programmed to pump in and out, and it's pretty amazing to watch. 
As Co.Design points out, the possibilities seem endless, with the potential to screen films while the invention pulsates, coded to the accentuate the picture. The website uses The Matrix as one example — particularly the scene in the end of the first Wachowski film where the helicopter makes impact with a skyscraper. We could even envision this embellishment in films like Inception, and of course, techno junkies like James Cameron might take advantage of the Hyper-Matrix. With the ability to create pixilated images, the grid also functions as a monochromatic animation platform, which the image of the car in motion demonstrates nicely.
Let us know if you could see this warped, breathing theater screen used in any other films, or if you prefer to just watch it as its own work of art.


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