Is This What All Future Movie Theaters Should Look Like?

Is This What All Future Movie Theaters Should Look Like?

Jun 26, 2012

Let's face it: We don't always have the greatest experience at the movie theater. Most of our in-theater angst stems from the random strangers sitting around us, and whether they're the type who text or talk during the movie, or decide to bring their infant to an R-rated thriller only to let the little one cry and cry during the film's most intimate moments. Many theaters have developed ways to combat these problems (ie: the Alamo Drafthouse's strictly-enforced no texting/talking policy), but many have not, and moviegoer complaints continue to rise.

So, how do we solve all of our theater-related issues? Well, we can follow in the Drafthouse's footsteps and adopt new methods that allow moviegoers to alert theater staff when someone has become unruly. Or, we can use this hilarious infographic as a guide to building new movie theaters that include glass domes, audio jacks at each seat for headphones (we actually like this one) and toilets at the top of a rope ladder. [via FarkThe Oatmeal]

Warning: This infographic contains foul language and may be NSFW


What do you think movie theaters need to do to make the moviegoing experience more enjoyable for everyone?


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