The Greatest Thing You'll Watch Today Is This Best-of-Vine Video

The Greatest Thing You'll Watch Today Is This Best-of-Vine Video

Aug 09, 2013

Vine, the Twitter-owned video-sharing platform, is turning into this funky, weird corner of the Internet where people are churning out what are basically (super) short films-- and it's kind of awesome. There's a whole other subset of users who are taking the six-second time constraint and using it for mini sketch-comedy gold.

And thankfully for those of us who don't spend all day combing through Vine to find the good stuff, someone has cut together a compilation of the best Vine videos of 2013 (so far), and it's probably the funniest thing you'll see all day. Not only are many of these just great bits of comedy, the good-natured spirit behind them is infectious. They're no-budget, spontaneous and carefree -- and there's just something delightfully childlike about that.

Of course, this being an Internet platform, not all of these videos are actually child friendly, so keep in mind that some of these are NSFW (mostly for language) before pressing play. It starts out okay, but it keeps getting better and better so stick around.

Update: Looks like YouTube took it down. We'll try to find a replacement.



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